Our business expertise range from strategy development, sourcing, negotiating and implementing successful commercial arrangements through a "Best in Class"  approach and adaptive Project management methodology

  • We provide consulting and advisory services that is customised to your needs and level of engagement, at a price-point that is a quarter of Tier-1 consulting services with an unmatched ongoing service guarantee.
  • We have extensive experience in various Industry Sectors including Health & Aged Care Services, Telecommunications, Property Services,Banking and Managed Services Providers in the Government and Private or Not for Profit domains.
  • Acting on your behalf to provide consulting and advisory services in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, Technology management and transformation, Business Analysis, Business Development, BPR Business Start-up, Commercial Management, Operations Management and Financial Analysis services.
  • Contact us, if you require assistance in Strategy, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement in various Categories including Technology, ICT, Facilities, Fleet and Professional services.